Game Description:
A 2d game which depicts the events of a forgotten, yet an influential chapter of the history of Russian and South-Central Asia. This game depicts the late summer battles between the Red Army and the army of the Bukharan Emir.  Shoot. Advance. Win. Conquer.

Historical Reference:
The Bukhara Operation lasted from the 29th of August to the 2nd September  of the year 1920. About 33 000 men, 250 machine guns, 95 artillery pieces, five armored trains, eight armored cars, and 11 airplanes had participated in the battle.

Over 12 000 bombs and shells were fired onto the capital of the Emirate of Bukhara. Between 6500 – 8500 soldiers and tens-of-thousands of civilians lost their lives in course of the operation.

The operation ended in Communist victory. The last Emir of Bukhara fled. The Emirate of Bukhara ceased to exist.

With Communist dominance secured in the area, the borders of South-Central Asia were drawn. By mid 1920s the modern borders of South-Central Asia were drawn . . . those borders exist to date.

With Soviet mass-industrialization the new republics would become prosperous countries. In 1941 the republics would become a safe home for the civilian evacuees of the Western USSR during World War Two.

. . . although forgotten, the influence of the operation lasts till this day.

Game Made By: Arroslin & Prince_Ulric

Future Improvements:
When time appears will improve on the AI design, enable game mechanics that where excluded from the game due to the HAGJ 5 time constraint, add the option to play for the Emirate of Bukhara, and maybe something else that we may have missed.


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Yes, the game is a bit hard. Also sometimes I can't shoot the gun, I don't know why.

Also noticed the level difficulty later when debugging the game. When you play and notice that you can't shoot it is because you have ran out of bullets (bottom left corner UI) to resupply stand at the ammo box (wooden crate) to refill ammunition.

Cool but hard game, couldn`t beat the first level

Once the game jam rating are over will update the game with improved varying level of difficulty because yes Level 1 is really difficult sorry for that.

No problem, it was a good game overall :)