A classical turn based strategy (TBS) game of blue vs red set in the 18th century that is French vs British with three campaigns and six levels each. This was a small project that was made in 49 - 51 days (around January 29 to March 18, 2023) to try and build something new and test out some ideas.

• Mouse left click only.
• Go to Starter Campaign then go to Level 1.
• Level 1 will show you how to play the game.

How it was Built
This game was made to demonstrate the capabilities of using event blocks only to create a turn based game in Construct visit the following link on how to do so yourself if you want to.

Not entirely impossible but rather relatively complex to build a working TBS game. This game only features the basic fundamentals of a TBS game. In order for this to be considered a strategy game you would be required to implement alternative win conditions, consider FSM states of the AI, and design balanced levels.


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how do i finish france mission 1

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For both the French and British Campaigns Level 1 your unit must be the first one to open fire. Both of those Level 1 start of the same way where the player unit can get 2 shots off on the first enemy unit.

The second enemy unit will be close and approaching you on Turn 3 at this point you must retreat. See the attached images to see where you must retreat to and end turn. An example below illustrates the French Campaign Level 1.

At this point you should be able to kill the first enemy unit while the second enemy unit will waste two moves to get to you. Once again when it is your turn open fire on the enemy unit and repeat until you win