• Server is Running
            • Maximum of 20 players can play this game (Photon Server limit)
            • Flags when displaced will not be synchronized for new players joining

Full Description

This is a game designed to test and see how the 18th ~ 19th century and the top down shooter genre combine together to replicate a gameplay similar to a game known as “Mount & Blade Napoleonic Wars”.

Content wise it is kept to a minimum as to solely test and analyze the currently game designed. Simply put the game mechanic is being tested. If this design is no good then the core mechanic will have to be re-designed otherwise the current design will be improved. 


In this multiplayer game if no rooms are present click on the “Create Room” button and a room will be created and you will be connected to the game. Otherwise click on the “Refresh List” button to update the room count.

If a room list is seen select a room and press the “Play” button to join the room and you will be connected to the game. On connected to game you will be able to play with other players.


There are two teams (red and blue) with three flags at their spawn point. 

On the map there are three grey boxes one in the top left corner, middle, and at the bottom right corner. 

The players are required to place their flags on these boxes to begin earning points for their team. The team that earns 10 first wins and 5 seconds later the game restarts and a new match begins.


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