Your're a captain of a ship whose task is to find a way out of the ice maze. Make stops near abandoned shelters to try out your luck with finding fuel to power your ship and supplies to feed your crew.

If you need to go through an iceberg use your crew to find out if they can break it or not.

Watch out for the morale level of your crew to make sure they don't lose fate in you. And make sure to not lose all of your crew members during this voyage as there is only a handful amount of them left on your ship.

• W, A, S, D and/or Arrow Keys to Move
• Left Mouse Click on Tiles to Interact with them
• Spacebar to Restart the Game

Game Idea:            Arroslin and Prince_Ulric
Programming:     Arroslin
Art Work:              Princ_Ulric
Sound Effects:     Arroslin

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